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Untethered, Senseless and old caps

PowerDirector has been driving me crazy lately but….I made it!!

7×09 Untethered
+ 10 video clips

7×10 Senseless
+ 8 video clips
+ 213 screen caps (624x352)

And some earlier episodes screencaps:
7×04 Lonelyville (302+.rar file)
7×05 Depths (312+.rar file)
7×06 Courtship
(248+.rar file)
7x07 Self-made (262+.rar file)
7×08 Offense
(300+.rar file)

+ credit liten_sam or Clip_It when using


x-posted to clip_it  and ci_graphics

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Logan and Falacci investigate the execution-style shooting of three college freshmen. When the utter senselessness of the crime hits Logan, he vows to apprehend the killers and bring them to justice. At a loss as to identifying any motive for the shooting, the detectives must rely on the testimony of one of the surviving victims in order to break the case.

Don't miss the premiere of "Senseless" -- the final new CI episode of 2007 -- this Thursday at 10/9C on USA!


Criminal Intent Schedule

13 Dec 07 Senseless (TONIGHT)
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